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Объявление о приеме заявок на свободу ассоциаций и собраний в Украине

Call for Proposals on Freedom of Association and Assembly in Ukraine


Freedom House invites proposals for advocacy and/or campaigning on the freedoms of association and assembly during Ukraine’s 2013 chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Ukrainian non-governmental organizations can submit proposals for programs aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s compliance with its international commitment to protect the freedom of association. Applications will be accepted through January 7, 2013.

Program Information

Freedom House seeks applications that defend the freedoms of association and assembly at the local and/or national levels and that take advantage of the advocacy opportunities and international attention presented by Ukraine’s 2013 chairmanship of the OSCE through analyses of local and national governments’ compliance with national legislation and international norms on freedom of assembly. Applicants should submit proposals that build upon the efforts of their current freedom of association/assembly programming. Projects may include advocacy and monitoring campaigns that are local or national in focus and may seek to mobilize domestic and international constituencies through advocacy efforts.

Suggestions on the type of activities to be funded include, but are not limited to: advocacy, outreach, education, monitoring, training, conferences, publications, online resource development, letter/social media campaigns, joint advocacy and other activities that promote and uphold freedom of assembly, as well as core support for organizations whose primary mission is to advocate for the protection and promotion of freedom of assembly. Selection will be based on the following criteria (as described below): project focus, methods, cost-effectiveness, and impact and sustainability.

Freedom House invites proposals of approximately $10,000 under this call. Freedom House will provide funding to cover salaries, travel, production and distribution of materials, meeting or conference expenses related to specific advocacy efforts as well as core support for freedom of expression groups.

Applicants may propose performance periods of up to seven months and ending no later than September 15, 2013.


Applicant organizations should have a demonstrated record in upholding and/or promoting freedom of association and assembly;
Organization must be registered and be a non-governmental, non-profit organization;

Review and Selection Process

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Project Focus – The proposed project has a direct correlation and innovative approach to addressing the identified country or regional needs, as outlined in the proposal’s background section; it relates to the above-mentioned funding priorities and broader mission of Freedom House; and demonstrates how the project will engage across sectors and throughout Ukraine.

Methods – The proposal clearly outlines the project’s goals and objectives, target group(s), and implementation plans, including any outreach, partnership, and/or evaluation components.

Cost-Effectiveness – The budget clearly identifies project costs, shows calculations, and projects explanation/justification when appropriate. The outlined costs are reasonable in relation to the proposed activities and anticipated results.

Impact and Sustainability – The proposal clearly articulates the project’s anticipated impact articulated. It is reasonable based on the project timeframe, sustainable, and measurable.

Application Submission and Deadline

Download the Application Form and Application Budget and submit them according to the directions below.
Applications will be accepted through January 7, 2013.
Applications must be submitted in English using the Application Form and Application Budget.
The Application Form should not exceed 5 pages and must include all of the required information.
The Application Budget. should not exceeed 1 page and must include all proposed budgeted costs.
The Application Form and Application Budget must be submitted together electronically to freedomhouseukraine@gmail.com.
Consultation with Freedom House staff is recommended prior to applying.

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