UKRAINE – Matching Funds Request: Notification of review outcome

Dear CCM Chair, Your Excellency Vice Prime Minister Mr. Rozenko,

 We are pleased to inform you that the Technical Review Panel has successfully reviewed the Matching Funds Request for Ukraine TB/HIV (TRP recommends the amount of US$ 14,970,966). The attached “TRP Recommendation on Matching Funds Request” form provides details regarding the interventions and associated amounts recommended for funding.

The “TRP Recommendation on Matching Funds Request” details any issues identified and actions requested by the TRP. Your responses to the requested clarifications should be provided in the attached “Applicant Response Form”. 

This email contains the following documents:

  • TRP Recommendation on Matching Funds Request
  • Applicant Response Form

Please send your response to the Fund Portfolio Manager who will notify the Access to Funding Department of the Global Fund once all issues have been addressed.

We still have to go through the consecutive steps of Grants Approval Committees and the final Board Approval  before funds are fully approved and made accessible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding the process or documentation.

 With best regards,

George Sakvarelidze  MD MPH

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