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Me and My Healthcare Provider

Dear colleague,

Are you a member of a key population group affected by HIV? Is your doctor, nurse, community health worker or other frontline healthcare provider doing a great job? Nominate them to be recognized by Me and My Healthcare Provider for #DoingTheRightThing.

All nominees and nominators will be eligible to attend the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018), where they can receive international exposure and networking opportunities. 




Part of our Nobody Left Behind initiative, the Me and My Healthcare Provider campaign puts a spotlight on healthcare providers who address the HIV related needs of key populations—including men who have sex with men, transgender people, people who inject drugs, and sex workers — often in the face of discriminatory laws, traditions and belief systems.

Key populations are not only more vulnerable to HIV infection; they also experience increased and compounded stigma and discrimination in healthcare settings and remain at a heightened risk of contracting HIV. Ensuring stigma-free healthcare services is imperative, and healthcare workers have a key role to play in making a tangible difference for key populations.

Help us recognize healthcare provider champions who are #DoingTheRightThing by nominating a healthcare provider today.

Best regards,

Kevin Osborne
Director of HIV Programmes and Advocacy
International AIDS Society

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